Body Dysmorphic Disorder: How to Manage the Unseen.

We’re all fighting our own battles. For many of us, they go unseen. We hide behind masks, minimize our problems, or remain silent. After all, no one likes to admit there’s something “wrong” with them, exploiting our flaws and exposing our sec


Called to Create. When Your Dreams Are Bigger Than You.

My heart is so full! After this weekend’s back to back events, it’s (still) hard to put into words all the feels, but I’m going to try my best in-between tears of gratitude. Three ago, I created I am Athletics I had no clue what I was doing o


Are You Struggling to Share In Someone’s Joy? Pretend.

Nothing sucks more than when you’ve worked so hard, prayed so hard, or put your self out there, sharing your wins, successes, accomplishment, or answered prayers and someone comes along and bursts your (high) bubble with their somber (self-centered


Meditation Is Not What You Think!

Our mindset determines everything! If you feed it, you'll believe it. From the people we surround ourselves with, the beliefs we hold, the thoughts we think, to the words we tell ourselves. They become our beliefs, actions, our habits, and our val


How To Overcome Self-Doubt & Insecurities.

Change and transformation can seem pretty scary (at first). A place we’ve never trekked before and going at it alone can seem daunting and impossible. But what if it didn’t have to be or feel this way? What if we looked at it as an opportunity o

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    Hi, I am Rachel!

    I am the founder of I am Athletics, a line of athletic apparel and accessories with an important message: Let go of your limiting beliefs and redefine who you are. Create your own story.

    After a lifetime of living in extremes, from body dysmorphia to eating disorders, to self-esteem issues, I have overcome struggles by creating a balanced health and fitness lifestyle of body, mind, and soul. Through experiences of my own, I hope to give back and inspire, encourage and empower others to embrace life with passion and purpose.

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