Is Self-Doubt Killing Your Dreams?


Self-Doubt has a funny way of rearing its ugly head at the most inopportune times.

Doubt tends to appear when you’re on the brink of something big, stepping out of your comfort zone.

When we trek a path of purpose, it can feel lonely and daunting, but also new and exciting. Like every new venture, the thrill is short-lived as we face our fears of uncertainty and soon enough doubt creeps in.

What do I do?
Where do I begin?
How will I do this?
Who am I?
Why me?

And we are filled with incredible fear – paralyzing our ability to move forward.

The opposite of doubt is confidence which comes from experience. As we look back, we’re able to see how far we’ve come and overcome struggles and obstacles, whereas doubt, when we face something from the first time, we look for clues of our past to overcome them.

If we’re experiencing this for the first time, we don’t have anything, yet, to back it up.

Doubt will keep you stuck. We must overcome doubt by trusting in our ability and confidence that has gotten us this far and have always figured it out, or you wouldn’t even be this far.

Give yourself props! The proof is in your progress.

I know this to be true for my own journey – personally, professionally, spiritually.

Trust in your creator, trust in yourself.

A great reminder to self. Even I get caught up in my cloud of self-doubt and find myself headed down the path of comparison. I find myself looking outward, comparing my chapter 1 to another’s chapter 10. All this does is keep me stuck, playing and living small even though being called for a greater purpose.

Confidence is trusting in your ability to figure it out.
Confidence is letting go and trusting in your purpose.

We all start somewhere and right here is exactly where you need to be.
Take one step, then another. Not every action will yield forward progress; however, progress is progress. It’s all part of the journey. Never stop moving.

When in doubt, trust in yourself and your calling, they haven’t failed you before, and that should be enough confidence to keep going.

Transformation begins with self-awareness. Let’s learn to shift our thoughts from fear, worry and doubt and love, prosperity and confidence and change our lives from the inside out.

Are you moving toward your purpose with confidence?

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