About me

Hi! My name is Rachel, and I am a Fitness & Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Host of The Confident Woman Podcast.

I am also the founder of I am Athletics, a line of athletic apparel and accessories with an important message: Let go of your limiting beliefs and redefine who you are. Create your own story.

After a lifetime of chasing perfection and living in extremes, from body dysmorphia to eating disorders, to self-esteem issues, I have overcome my struggles by creating a balanced health and fitness lifestyle of body, mind, and soul.

Today, I empower women to get fit from within and become their best and most confident selves. Through the practice of creating a positive mindset, a healthy body, and a soul filled with self-love, and gratitude, you can create your own story.

Through experiences of my own, I hope to give back and inspire, encourage and empower others to embrace life with passion and purpose.

My book, Chasing Perfection: A Journey to Healing, Fitness, and Self-Love will release in 2020.

When I’m not lifting, writing or traveling, you can find me recording new episodes for The Confident Woman Podcast, giving back to my local community, volunteering and leading Women Empowerment groups in Columbus, Ohio.

Consistency = Progress = Happiness®

~ Rachel Brooks

My philosophies

Consistency = Progress = Happiness

Mindset is everything! Once the mindset’s been mastered, the rest of fitness and life fall into place.

Change your mindset, and everything and anything become possible. We’ve all heard the phrase “Slow and steady wins the race.” This couldn’t be truer especially when it comes to fat loss and progression.

We live in a world ruled by instant gratification. We want what we want, now! Well, I’m here to tell you that what you want, will not happen in the now! Reaching your goals, whether personally, professionally will take time. In some cases more time than others but the key is to be consistent and patient, embrace the journey and fall in love with the process and yourself. The difference between Fat loss and Weight loss, other than the obvious, is consistency and time. My preferred method is to take the slow and steady approach with dieting to ensure muscle retention and maintain an overall healthy transition. The best approach to any training and nutrition is the one you can consistently adhere to overtime and actually enjoy.

Embrace the journey, the ups, and downs. As long as you are consistent, progress is progress no matter how big or small. With my support, encouragement, patience and tough love, together we can work towards the goal of becoming your best and confident self.


Consistency compounded over time yields results.

Have your cake and eat it too!

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to dieting, the word “diet” used to give me anxiety and make me cringe, thinking, “Ugh, not another diet!”

“What do I have to give up now? How will this be any different than all the other miserable and failed diets? This sucks!”

But isn’t this the point? Aren’t diets supposed to be hard, stressful and feel like work? How else are you going to get the body of your dreams?

There has to be something better, something more.

Not all diets are equal and not all diets restrict. I’m here to tell you there is a better (smarter) way and Yes, there is more, much more, food freedom!

Overwhelmed with diet defeat, I was determined to find a way, a diet that was conducive to my lifestyle. That’s when I discovered Flexible Dieting. Flexible Dieting/IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) is simply calculating your daily caloric intake and breaking it down into macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate, and fat) which you track to achieve a desired body composition goal. It follows the belief that there are no foods that will magically and miraculously make you lose weight and there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” foods, they are all just macro ratios.

Not sure where or how to calculate your daily calories and/or macronutrients? No worries, I got you!

Check out my FREE Nutrition Calculator.**

Love yourself, you are worth it!

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